Granite Planet is a climbing wall for all levels. We have over 140 climbs, a traverse room and bouldering cave. Leading can take place on every route and we have around 40 top ropes up at any one time. The maximum height of any climb is 8 metres. With a placed protection wall for people to practice leading outside, and hand jams and finger jams also two sizes of chimneys, there is everything you need to prepare for outside or keep your skills up during the winter.

The wall runs children’s clubs on a regular basis for kids ranging from 5 -7 and from 8 years old upwards. Taster sessions are available for families or just a group of friends, this is where one of our instructors will guide you through a range of routes over an hour and half period, to let you get a feel for climbing. From that we offer inductions courses where you can learn how to become a safe indoor climber, and indoor lead courses for when you want to take it to the next stage. We also run inductions for climbing outdoors which is a whole day event out on real rock.

Birthday parties please see the details on the tab at the top of the website.

We offer induction courses, indoor lead courses, Intro to rock courses & Intro to lead courses. Children’s clubs for 8 years and over where they learn to climb at the standard required for the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme) Also clubs for those children from 5-7 who want to climb and have fun.

At Granite Planet the grades run from 3a up to 8a. Within the height provided we try and set a range of routes that challenge not only the muscles but the mind. The setters range in ability and height so to make sure that there are routes for every sort of climber. The routes themselves change as often as possible with approximitly 10 percent of new routes every month. In the cave we have a guide book with diagrams and descriptions of all routes so anyone can jump straight in there and boulder. Routes in the cave range from grade 3 font to 7a font. Also a number wall 1 – 100 to test your finger strength and core strength.